About Us

Our school is located on Duesbury Street just a few minutes from the city centre, in the popular Avenues area of Hull.

Our Studios

  • 3 large studios with barres, mirrors and dance floors
  • Changing rooms and two toilet blocks
  • Secure entry system
  • Child protection policy with designated lead
  • Fire certificate and risk assessment assurance
  • All our staff have full DBS clearance

Enquiries and Enrolment

Should you wish to speak with one of our staff about the classes we offer, please enquire via our Facebook page or by telephoning 01482 843157.

Special Achievements

Yorkshire Ballet Centre Scholars

Maisie Collier, Eleanor Dixie, Katie Evans, Katie Flanagan, Emma Hancox, Lucy Lutkin, Rachel Lutkin, Andrew McNicol, Naomi Smith, Emily Twidale Kizzy Waudby, Charlotte Wright

Royal Ballet Junior Associates

Ruby Townend

Northern Ballet Associates

Alice Bayston, Natalie Bennyworth, Chloe Dowell, Andrew Mc Nicol

IDTA Theatre Awards

Alice Bayston (Special commendation), Chloe Dowell, Katie Flanagan, Andrew McNicol (Special commendation), Chloe Quinn, Lilly Townend, Kizzy Waudby

Winner East Riding and Lincolnshire Junior Ballet Championship

Alice Bayston

Major Examinations 2006

RAD Inter Foundation

Megan Backhouse ( M), Beth Barry (M), Joanna Bird (M), Maisie Collier (D), Rosemarie Goodwin (M) Laura Leahy (M) Lucy Lutkin (D), Lara Sirimanne (M)

RAD Intermediate

Chloe Dowell (M), Katie Evans (M), Naomi Jessney (M), Rachel Lutkin (D), Laura Mason (M)
Andrew McNicol (D), Jade Nelson (M), Lilly Townend (D), Callum Train (M), Helen Train (M)

RAD Advanced 1

Natalie Benny worth (M), Eleanor Dixie (M)

IDTA Intermediate

Chloe Dowell (H), Katie Evans (HC), Rachel Lutkin (H), Laura Mason (HC), Andrew McNicol (H)
Jade Nelson (HC), Elizabeth Sharpe (HC), Lilly Townend (H)